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Self-employment is a beneficial solution for both employee and employer. The solution allows you to include some expenses in the costs of doing business, thanks to which the self-employed pay a lower tax. It is worth knowing that this form of employment opens many gates to financial help. Among other things, you can get a loan without a BIK against the car.

Self-employment – costs lower than a full-time job

Self-employment - costs lower than a full-time job

The biggest bane for both employers and employees are high employment costs. Among other things, for this reason, many people set up a self-employed business and decide to self-employment. This solution allows you to pay lower than full-time employees social security contributions. With the option of including expenses in costs, you can also save on taxes.

It is worth noting that self-employment is also beneficial for employers. Thanks to this option, employee costs are reduced, such as social security contributions, the obligation to pay tax or the obligation to fill in information on employee income.

A company loan as a source of business financing

A company loan as a source of business financing

Banks are quite restrictive in assessing creditworthiness. If the potential borrower appears in any debtors’ database – e.g. BIK or KRD, it is almost certain that such a person will not receive financial support. Profits also play an important role. If the company does not show them, the entrepreneur will not receive a loan.

The case looks completely different in the non-banking sector. Loan companies do not attach so much importance to creditworthiness as banks. The loan market also provides many forms of financial support. One of them is the loan for the transfer of the vehicle. It is worth knowing that a car loan is the best option for people who need money for both private and business purposes.

Unfortunately, companies have a problem with financial liquidity, especially during the initial period of operation. According to the Central Statistical Office, the number of economic activities in 2016 decreased by 3358 entities. Delays in payments by contractors also have a great impact on liquidity – 44%. What’s more, the loss of customers also plays an important role – 33% .

Loans against loans also for self-employed workers

Loans against loans also for self-employed workers

Recently, car loans have become extremely popular. The condition for receiving support is having a car or van. In addition, you should run a business for at least one day.

Interestingly, this type of financial assistance is offered to people working in self-employment. All you need is 21 to 70 years old. Important – Lite lending company does not require income certificates and does not verify creditworthiness in BIK or KRD.

It is worth knowing that a car loan is better than leaving the car at the pawnshop. First, the valuation made by the pawnshop is not profitable for the client. In this case, only 40-50% of the vehicle value can be obtained. Moreover, the customer is not entitled to use the secured car. However, the loan company makes a much more favorable valuation – and what is important – the borrower can use the car without any restrictions.

Car loan – vehicle valuation and loan terms

Car loan - vehicle valuation and loan terms

How to take a car secured loan? The first stage of application is done online. A potential customer must complete a special survey. The borrower and vehicle information must be provided in the form.

In order to evaluate the car in Lite lending company you need to meet with an appraiser. One should be aware that the lender in this aspect cooperates with the best specialists, therefore the estimated value of the car will be market value.

Important – the loans granted are high and can reach up to USD 100,000.

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