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The company was recently established, as early as 2019, an entity offering its clients quick payday loans. Although the company has been present on the market for a very short time, family loans opinions that we can find on the Internet emphasize both the attractive nature of its services as well as the transparent and clear picture of the offer. Indeed, when visiting the company’s website for the first time, we will quickly notice that the site was built in a thoughtful and customer-friendly way, enabling easy and quick search of all relevant information about the terms of the offer.

Family loans: company reviews and offer evaluation

Family loans: company reviews and offer evaluation

The Family Loans company certainly does not belong to particularly original lenders. This entity actually provides only one type of service, which are quick loans for small amounts of money, and so-called payday loans. The offer itself is also rather simple: customers will not find a large number of additional options and solutions here.

In the offer we will not find a promotion titled the first payday loan at the APRC at 0%. This is undoubtedly a minus of the offer of this loan institution and probably significantly hinders the company from competing with other loan institutions. However, despite this, the basic offer itself looks quite favorable, which is emphasized by both the professional reviews we can find on industry portals, as well as numerous family loans, opinions formulated by clients who had the opportunity to use the services of this lender .

When deciding on a loan, we will be able to take out payday loans up to USD 3,000, which is definitely a good result compared to other loan companies. Loans intended for regular customers of the company will look even better: here, the maximum available loan amount may be as high as USD 7,000, which is a really great result for a “payday” company.

On the other hand, when it comes to the repayment period, in this case the customer will be faced with a standard 30-day ceiling, which we have to pay back after paying the payday loan.

Creditworthiness verification and loan terms

Creditworthiness verification and loan terms

In the process of verifying the customer’s creditworthiness, the family loans company checks virtually all possible databases, including the Credit Information Bureau, KRD and the Economic Information Bureau databases.

To be able to apply for a loan in a company, the customer must be at least 19 and not older than 71, have a valid ID card, place of residence and an account in a bank with access to electronic banking. The company does not require any additional documentation regarding its income, however, creditworthiness verification will be partly carried out by using the service, which retrieves the client’s bank account history.

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