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Want to profit up to a prize when buying a car, don’t forget to submit a car loan while the exhibition is taking place. Why are car loans at the exhibition more profitable for consumers? This is because many car companies offer the lure of big discounts to be one of the main attractions at every automotive show. Marketing staff or lising agents will immediately jump directly into the field to offer bonuses to big discounts, sometimes consumers can also negotiate gifts or what products they want to get if they buy or direct car loans that day when the auto show takes place.

Usually large car dealers or large companies directly partner with large leasing companies to help consumers in purchasing cars without the hassle of taking care of themselves, namely Astro Finance, Wise Lenders Finance and Flaklend Finance, we look forward to working together This makes it easier for consumers when purchasing products so it’s easier and more efficient. The automotive exhibition moment is the right time to buy a vehicle. Lots of discounts from manufacturers and credit facilities from leasing companies.

To support your and your family’s mobility, public transportation choices can indeed be an alternative. However, whether this facility is enough to be comfortable for you and your family? Problematic indeed, but there are always smart steps to overcome various problems especially when the problem that arises when applying for a car loan is the credit score of the consumer itself. If the situation is that you are currently thinking of owning a vehicle, but you don’t have enough funds to buy a vehicle in cash, you can take the solution by making an installment payment or installments.



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When dealing with a finance company that does not have a reputation, usually the obstacles in the process of taking BPKB are often complicated. Through BPKB leasing your vehicle is safely stored at the branch office. After you pay off all obligations, then at that time BPKB can be immediately taken.


Complete Products

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Customize your various needs. Through leasing you can get a variety of financing options, flexible, and competitive ranging from private or commercial vehicle financing, new and used, heavy equipment, leasing and sharia as well as multipurpose financing which includes education funding, and housing finance. In addition, leasing companies also provide conventional and sharia financing options.


Quick Credit Timing Process

Quick Credit Timing Process

The best time to take credit is to take advantage of various special offers at vehicle shows. Soon there will be a major automotive event in Indonesia. Take advantage of this opportunity to get various attractive offers. The advantage of financing through leasing, with the conditions of complete requirements and the location of the survey is in the city, the credit decision will be given 8 hours of work, excluding commercial vehicles and luxury cars.


Life Insurance Protection Facility

Life Insurance Protection Facility

Not only your vehicle that will get protection. Your vehicle financing can also be equipped with additional guarantees for life insurance protection if unexpected things happen, such as death, temporary total disability or total permanent disability. However, basically promos or discounts on car purchases are not only given during the exhibition. At certain times, at the end and beginning of the year, for example, sales agents or dealers provide discounts on car purchases, especially for production cars the previous year. Are you among those who prefer to buy a car at the exhibition?

Make sure your digital credit credibility has a current value so that your credit application is immediately approved by the leasing party. If you do not know your credit score (Credit score) you can install the Gigantic application because only in the Gigantic credit score you can be known without the hassle of going to the bank because every time you make a payment at Gigantic you will get a score or score that you will get every time you transact through the Gigantic application.

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