Keeping your car in Top Condition

Each type of car requires a different approach when upgrading or modifying it. It is important to first determine the purpose of the upgrades and modifications. The mods should be applied at the right places. It should not affect the safety of the car. Modifications can be done to improve the car's performance, look, comfort and safety. Timely cambelt change prevents excessive engine wear and prolongs its life.

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Fuel Pump Modification

You will find high performance fuel pumps and larger injectors. A faster fuel flow rate is not going to improve the performance of your car if other intake supplies are not improved. A high-performance fuel delivery system can fix the lean condition problem. You should first find out the maximum amount of fuel that can flow into the engine of your car. Take help of an expert car mechanic for this type of modification.

Engine Upgrade

There are many things you can do to upgrade your car engine. You can rebuild the engine, strip down the limiting parts, or add parts to improve its performance. The RPM level can be increased. These modifications require complex changes and tuning so any such work should be done only by an experienced car mechanic.

Brake Upgrade

Braking system of the car is critical to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. You have the option of installing bigger brake discs that dissipate the heat more efficiently. The larger pads will bring the car to a halt quickly. These brake discs last longer and offer better friction performance.

Transmission Modification

The power generated by the engine is transmitted to the wheels through the transmission system. There is some loss of power when the power has to go through another system and not directly to the wheels. The acceleration can be improved with different gear train ratios.

Handling Modification

You can upgrade the suspension and get it aligned for improved handling of your car. The cornering will improve with lower centre of gravity. Some simple adjustments will transform the car's handling performance.


Without changing the bushings, you are not going to see improved performance of your car. The braking, steering, ride quality and handling are dependent on tight and standard bushings. You will see dramatic improvements in the performance of your car by changing the bushings of sway bar, control arm and body. It is the most economical car upgrade option.

Wider Tyres

Your tyres can be put to the rough and hard challenges if you go for the wider tires. All your modifications and upgrades for performance improvements will fail to work if the changes cannot be translated to the ground. You will be able to handle tight corners better with wider tyres. The driving will feel safer when the tyres grip larger areas of the ground.

Car interior can be changed to improve the comfort level. Exterior changes are made to improve the look of the car. It is important to know that certain modifications and upgrades will void the warranties provided by your car manufacturer and seller. If it compromises the safety features, it can affect your insurance coverage and may even be against the law. Carry out only those modifications and upgrades that do not affect the safety of your car.